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Emotions and Disease

Tim Vukan March 11, 2020

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    1. Hi Patricia,
      thank you for your comment. This text is part of the course “Emotional Therapy” which can be found over here: https://wushantcm.com/courses/emotional-therapy/
      It´s mainly explaining the restriction processes of the five elements regarding the five emotions. For example: Anger is in relation with the liver, it can harm the liver functions if this emotion is not balanced in our body, blood turns into reversal flow and often causes heache, migraine etc. – Liver Qi Stagnation syndroms. It happens even more frequently if Spleen Qi is weak and deficient which leads the liver functions to become imbalanced. Therefor it harms both the liver and the spleen functions. The wood element describes us about this process.
      Best Regards
      Tim from Wushan TCM

    1. Hi Carolien,
      the emotion associated with the Fire element is happiness. It´s also the meaning of euphoria which is slowing down the Qi and for example concentration decreases, it´s less the meaning of love.

  1. hi can you please advise how to access the video as the message “player.vimeo.com’s server IP address could not be found” appear on the video window.. is there any other way to access?

    1. Hi Lia,
      the video is working I just checked it. It might be depend on your country regulation that Vimeo is blocked so you can try to use a VPN to access the lesson. You can also try to empty your browser cache.
      Hope this works for you.
      Tim from Wushan TCM

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      thanks for your question. This video doesn´t have any subtitles.
      In the video I am translating the lecture by Dr. Lin into English and give additional explanations which are also in english.
      Please just listen a little further and after a short while (starting from 04:14 minute) my english translation is starting.
      Best regards
      Tim from Wushan TCM