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Tim Vukan (MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU) & Founder of Wushan TCM

tim vukan

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Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU) is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 13 years of Chinese medicine education directly in China! He is a certified Chinese medicine practitioner who has been studying and practicing for more than ten years at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). He is now teaching Chinese medicine to Chinese and foreign students at ZCMU.

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Judy (Zhu Wen Pei) is working as a teacher in the International Education College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China. She is responsible for the teachings of Basic Theories of TCM and the Shang Han Lun.


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Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, lecturer and trainer of ancient Chinese medicine for children health. Research on pediatric physiology and pathology, as well as common pediatric diseases, Intensive study of Classical Chinese medicine books, clinically good at combining the six syndromes differentiation of the Jing Fang system with Tuina massage techniques.
jack lee

Jack Lee (李修阳)


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Chinese Medicine Doctor, PhD Post Research at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Teacher and Lecturer of TCM Diagnosis at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has served as a full-English teacher and clinical lecturer on Chinese medicine courses for foreign visiting study groups.

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