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Discover the refreshing, relaxing and invigorating herbal fragrances in ancient pharmacy or simply enjoy a cup of Longjing Green Tea in the nearby Mountain Valley.

Hangzhou 杭州 - This is the place where I started my first Chinese Medicine studies in 2004. After more than 15 years of studies and internships I just have to say - I love this place and can highly recommend it to you if you want to learn about Chinese Medicine from Hangzhou, China.

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Hangzhou has played a vital role in China´s bustling traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) world. The immense hometown pride the city has in TCM can be seen all across Hangzhou, ranging from time-honored pharmacies and clinics that provide delightful cultural immersion for TCM enthusiasts to historical streets in downtown Hangzhou´s streets around the Wushan Square, long associated with TCM – not to mention of China´s top prestigious Chinese Medical Universities, offering an array of programs open to Westerners throughout the year…

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Tim Vukan

My China studies

我,德国人,到河南学武术,在杭州学中医,给中国人号脉、针灸 我叫吴狄赫(@吴狄赫),德国人,不过现在,我可以算得上是半个地道的杭州人。 少年时期的一次偶然,看到李小龙的电影,我彻底被中国功夫迷住了。放弃在德国的工作,来中国学武术、旅游,又对中医药开始感兴趣。以至于现在我大部分的工作和生活都在中国,也有了一个中文名,它的使用时间比德文名多多了。 About my China studies – 阅读更多 I am German, when I was 24 years old I went to Henan province to learn

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Study in China
Tim Vukan

Tim Vukan Today’s Headlines

我80后德国人,在中国学中医17年,学会了养生,一年只吃一次汉堡 我是Tim Vukan,中文名吴狄赫,80后德国汉堡人。我是半个中国人,杭州是我的第二故乡。待疫情结束,我想快点回到杭州生活。 我从小对中国功夫感兴趣,18岁开始在德国学习咏春拳,24岁来中国学习少林功夫和太极拳,却因此意外与中医结缘,自此我深耕中医17年。 Tim Vukan Today’s Headlines – 阅读更多 Read my Interview on Tou Tiao 头条 – Toutiao is one of China’s largest Chinese

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student life in hangzhou
Tim Vukan
Tim Vukan

Translating Chinese Medicine

Tim Vukan has been working as a translator at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University where he translated in the clinical departments of affiliated clinics, hospitals and

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