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My work is to connect Chinese Medicine doctors from China with practitioners and students from the west and to offer professional Online Education in Chinese Medicine.
- Tim from Wushan TCM

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About Wushan TCM

Tim Vukan – Founder of Wushan TCM invites you to join our Chinese Medical Network and offers Online Courses, Live Meetings and a Chinese medicine Community to connect practitioners and students of Chinese medicine. All offered courses are based on teachings by Chinese medicine teachers and Institutions located in Hangzhou, China. Receive professional, authentic and personal lectures about traditional ways of Chinese health cultivation methods, broadcasted with modern online education tools, designed and uploaded directly from China. Tim Vukan completed more than ten years of Chinese medicine education at ZCMU. He started learning Chinese (Mandarin) in 2004 and completed his undergraduate (Bachelor degree) and the postgraduate study (Master degree) in Chinese medicine at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. The whole program was entirely taught in Chinese (Mandarin). Tim is now teaching Chinese medicine at ZCMU in Hangzhou, China.

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What my Clients say about Wushan TCM

The event was very good. You gave a lot of useful information and you were patient and open to answer all the question that came afterwards. Thanks for your time to share your experience with us!
Maria B. from Bulgaria
We have enjoyed the classes with Tim very very much. He has been able to really give us a feeling and impression of what Taiji means and entails. It was great, even more that the classes were super flexible and Tim can easily adapt to the wishes that we had!
Isabel and Rob from Netherland
It is a good service and a wonderful opportunity offered for foreigners to get insight to TCM and get help for themselves.
Riit from Estonia
I was very glad to have met Tim, his quiet, relaxed manner and experiences of living and studying in China have made him an ideal guide.
Ronit and Santosh from the UK

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