What students say about Wushan TCM

It is well thought out and the process is easy to follow. It also provides a platform for studies where one can aquire new skills.
Dr. André
from Namibia
The event was very good. You gave a lot of useful information and you were patient and open to answer all the question that came afterwards. Thanks for your time to share your experience with us!  – Maria B. from Bulgaria
Maria B.
from Bulgaria
We have enjoyed the classes with Tim very very much. He has been able to really give us a feeling and impression of what Taiji means and entails. It was great, even more that the classes were super flexible and Tim can easily adapt to the wishes that we had! For example, we wanted to also have a bit more active parts in between, so we have also been taught some Kungfu (incredible cool). Tim is a very nice person, super patient and a good and calm explainer. This was a perfect birthday present from my girlfriend, and we will be able Thank you Tim!
Isabel and Rob
from Netherland
Dear Tim, I'd like to thank you very much for your professional service regarding the Qi Gong course. I really enjoyed it! It was really a great experience to meet with Master Huang, and even in his home! The course was really gorgeous! I can recommend it to anybody, who wants to learn some more about the Chinese culture. Qi Gong is an essential part of it, but its secret is the simplicity, so anybody can learn it. By the way, Master Huang is a very nice teacher, Tim Vukan is a very good translator, so the success is guaranteed :). I'm really glad to meet with You and with Master Huang! I believe that you will be able to share this knowledge with more and more people! I wish you all the best!
from Poland
* While working in China I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to make use of TCM to treat a chronic health issue I have had. I have always liked and respected the idea of TCM so I was very keen to try it out.* *I felt intimidated by trying to find a TCM doctor and then try to communicate with him/her and the pharmacy. Luckily I found Tim on the Internet and his service is a God send for foreigners like me who have little local knowledge or language.* *Tim is a lovely caring man who is trained and knowledgeable in his own right and therefore he gave me a lot of additional information. Communication with him was helpful and efficient. Tim is very generous with his time and knowledge and he has made my whole TCM experience really easy. He took me to a doctor and showed me the whole procedure so I am able to do it for myself in the future. He got my history and details and then passed these onto the doctor and translated during the session. He then took me to the pharmacy and helped me order the herbs and then showed me where to come and pick them up. He has followed me up and continues to be a resource for additional treatment like acupuncture.* *Tim's service is invaluable for people like me wanting to access TCM service and he makes it effortless and trustworthy. I highly recommend him and his service and I will continue to use him.
Sam Mitchell
from New Zealand
It is a good service and a wonderful opportunity offered for foreigners to get insight to TCM and get help for themselves. As being interested in Chinese health care methods it was a great experience for me. I was kindly welcomed on the historical Hefang street, taken to a doctor in a traditional building, shown around in the pharmacy and being introduced to the principles of TCM during the wait for the doctor. After receiving my prescriptions I was further shown around in pharmacies and explained in detail how to use my medicines. It is very different from western medicine and diagnosing, so even if you don't have a severe problem, a TCM doctor can improve your well-being by working with imbalances and signs that a western doctor wouldn't consider as anything.
from Estonia
It's not easy to find a good traditional doctor in China, even if I'm actual Chinese. I lived in Germany for some years, it’s expensive to find authentic Chinese therapy there and also in Europe I think. So I tried to use internet, and I found Tim on occasional by online searching, as I visited China for a short time, I met him really in hospital. He speaks perfect Chinese to my surprise, indeed is very professional of traditional Chinese medicine. He recommended me to an excellent doctor with patience and self-giving. Finally I got the extraordinary acupuncture. Thanks for your help Tim!
Jia Jia
from China
When I was in Hangzhou last May, I had the opportunity to test TCM for which I always had a great consideration. My approach to TCM was positive in relation to the treatment. And here I want to say many thanks to the WushanTCM association that is to say to Tim. All the steps of the services he offers were accomplished with great accuracy and professionality on the one hand, and in a friendly way that makes you feel comfortable. I particularly appreciate the way he patiently listens to you and cares of all what you have said. I will definitely highly recommend the WushanTCM association to anyone looking for a TCM experience in China.
from France
Having grown up in Germany with alternative medicines, I couldn't wait to get "sick" to be able to seek a doctor and explore Traditional Chinese Medicine- and to realize that it actually starts much earlier that in the case of sickness was is considered here rather as "imbalance". But now that my constant back pain developed into a serious problem I finally "last minute" contacted Tim who immediately made a date with me to explain and introduce to me the different methods and possibilities of TCM. So he brought me to the TUINA massage in one of the plenty numbers of hospitals here in the center of the old town of Hangzhou, translated for me what the 30-year experienced doctor advised me, added his own knowledge for my very individual situation and  accompanied me to the beautiful and mysterious pharmacies. And he even also put hands on my shoulders when the doctor wrote down the reception, that I could profit from his own skills in TUINA massage, what I was very positively surprised of. I felt better soon. Studying Art in China for 6 month now including learning mandarin offered me a broad insight in Chinese Tradition, but I haven't had the chance with those language skills to seek a doctor here, and REALLY profit from the profound integral understanding of the body in Chinese medicine. Thank you TIM, I will seek your advice again, soon!
from Germany
Thank you Tim for guiding me through the maze of historical He Fang Street with its clinics and TCM pharmacies to see Dr. Wang Jian Min in the Zhong De Tang clinic. He composed for me, perfectly translated by you, an individual Gao Fang, which is a specialty of Chinese Herbal Prescription for the winter time. I also want to thank you for teaching me very patiently the Chinese Language. With your help and guidance I could discover many hidden sites of Hangzhou and solve daily problems during my 4 monthly staying here, studying the Chinese Medicine in the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital for TCM.
from Austria
Ronit: "I was very glad to have met Tim, his quiet, relaxed manner and experiences of living and studying in China have made him an ideal guide. His work as a translator was enhanced by not only his understanding of Mandarin but also his knowledge of TCM. He was generous with his knowledge and time and arranged an unforgettable day with the famous Qi Gong Master, Mr Huang - a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting a Master at his home - where he opened the door to his heart, mind and spirit and made us feel welcome. A wonderful experience, never to be forgotten, highly recommended and must be repeated when next in Hangzhou. Thank you Tim and Mr Huang for your guidance and special care". Santosh: "I had a very inspiring day upon meeting Mr Huang who was a very nice man with much knowledge, experience and wisdom. He made me feel very calm and relaxed in his presence and the entire experience was a very memorable one. Since seeing Mr Huang i have practised China Universe Qi Gong every day and I feel some changes occurring in my body, mind and generally have had a more positive outlook on life. The stances were quite straightforward to follow and are suitable for any ages. I highly recommend that you give this fine Qi Gong practise a go".
Ronit and Santosh
from the UK
I knew that my body has nine holes, but not that they can be in disharmony. Through the knowledge of the medical guide Tim, it was not only a curing, but also a cultural interesting experience. He clearly translated and explained the principles of Chinese medicine to me. I understood it as a totally different view on illness.
from Germany
Being very interested in Chinese medicine and wishing to got to a Chinese doctor while once in a time being in China, Tim Vukan's offer to guide my visit was like made for me! He helped me very kindly, bringing me to the doctor, translating everything from Chinese, explaining skillfully and showing me how to use my medicine  afterwards. The visit itself was a great experience; the doctor was very kind and attentive. The medicine is very different from western stuff, tastes funny...! I don't speak any Chinese, so eventually having gone alone I might have been very confused, but together with Tim it was just great and easy. I am happy to have the chance to try the TCM.
from Germany
Thanks Tim for that initiation to the Chinese medicine. I was quite curious about that ancestral and organic medicine and I have to admit that you were great! Your translations and explanations were clear and interesting. I’m not going to forget the “Chinese check-up” nor the taste of my Chinese prescription ^^. Thanks again!
from France
For my chronic rhinitis, which bothers me for many years, I couldn't find any medicine in Austria. So I decided to find some help in TCM during my journey in China. For that intention I achieved great support from Tim. He told me about Chinese medicine, about the special treatments, which parts of a human body are connected... things I had no idea about at that time. Before we went to see a Chinese doctor, Tim told me about Chinese living and also the history of Chinese medicine. For that we also went to a museum, he showed me some Chinese pharmacies and explained how they are working. I was fascinated to discover the world of many different kinds of Chinese herbs. It was a great experience but also a kind of funny situation, when I was at the doctor’s clinic. Everything seems to be different than in Austria. With having Tim at my side, I could understand the Chinese ways, so that I didn’t feel afraid of. His translations gave me an option to talk to the doctor, and later take home a special medicine, which I could easily transport with me.
from Austria

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