• 1 Lesson

    Introduction about Medical Mandarin

    Medical Mandarin Online Courses by Wushan TCM give you the opportunity to learn basic Chinese medicine terminology which can be found in the Nei Jing or the Shang Han Lun. Step inside Chinese language and gain the ability to master basic steps in common communication skills applied in Chinese.

  • 5 Lessons

    Learn about Medical Mandarin

    Join this Online Lecture by Tim Vukan, Founder of Wushan TCM and step inside Chinese Medical Language. In this Online Course we will discover basic…
  • 9 Lessons

    Medical Chinese – Clinical Terms

    Get known to common Chinese medical terms used in your local clinical study in China! This recorded meeting involves you to learn more about common dialogues every foreigner in China needs to know. Basic knowledge of Chinese language will help but is not an obligation to join this Video Lecture. Welcome everyone to gain deeper insight into medical mandarin!

  • 3 Lessons

    Medical Chinese – Lectures from Hangzhou

    Learn about Medical Chinese Terminology and get known to common expressions used in Chinese medicine clinics in China. Lectures from Hangzhou filmed at the Hu…
  • 1 Lesson

    Medical Mandarin – Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

    Learn about Medical Mandarin - Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. Get known to the Chinese terms, new words and sentence examples applied within Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. Tim Vukan is teaching the pronunciation of related Chinese medical terms based on his experience of studying in China. Be able to apply short sentences in a dialogue with a Chinese patient or doctor & top up your Chinese for your internship when you come to China. This course covers words about the four main diagnostic techniques such as asking for the pulse, inspecting the tongue, the mind and the etiology and many other related medical terms which are commonly used in Medical Mandarin.

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    Reading Medical Chinese

    Teach Yourself How To Read Medical Chinese & Learn About Basic Terminology From Classical Chinese Medicine Books. In this Online Course we will read about…