Chinese Medicine Personality Types

Tim Vukan · August 9, 2020

Chinese Medicine Personality Types from the Huang Di Nei Jing (《黄帝内经》Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon)

In the 《Nei Jing: Ling Shu – Tong Tian; The different types of man》these types or patterns are also named as the “The Yin Yang five personality types”.

Personalities are combined with individual constitutions and according to the Qi theory, the human can either belong to the Tai Yang, Shao Yang, Yin & Yang in Balance, Shao Yin or Tai Yin type.

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Course Review:

Very Useful Topic – August 20, 2020


“Great original and very useful topic, and well presented. It could have benefitted from some case studies with real life applications.”
– Maria

Course Review:

Really like it! – September 21, 2020


“Very easy to grasp an interesting topic that rezones with western psychology and enriches it. Once we understand the basic yin-yang theory, the personality types understanding do make sense, and this knowledge could be a very useful way to categorize patients in order to treat them according to their particular make up.”
– Petru

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