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Live Online Lecture by Tim Vukan
Topic: Chinese Medicine Study in China
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Tim Vukan · October 1, 2019

Have you ever dreamed about to study Chinese Medicine in China? Would you like to train next to a professional Chinese doctor and learn deeply about this fascinating medicine?

Meet Tim Vukan Online! Tim has spent more than 15 years studying and practicing Chinese Medicine in China. Get in personal contact and ask your related questions about:

  • studying in China
  • university degrees and short term programs
  • advices on how best to start
  • Info about offered trainings and internships
  • recommendations about clinics and hospitals
  • personal contacts to Chinese Medicine doctors
  • Info about Basic Medical Mandarin lessons
  • All you need to know to get ready for your China journey!

Get in personal contact and consult your individual request by Video Chat! There´s no quicker way to get your detailed Info about Chinese Medicine in China, please don´t hesitate to get in touch. Looking forward to meet you!

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Tim Vukan

Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU), founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is one of the few foreigners who has completed more than 13 years of Chinese medicine education directly in China! He is a certified Chinese medicine practitioner who has completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). He is now teaching Chinese medicine to Chinese and foreign students at ZCMU. On Wushan TCM you can join Online Courses about authentic, professional and personal Chinese medicine lectures from China.

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