Teaching Chinese Medical Diagnosis to Chinese Students

Tim Vukan · June 13, 2022

This video lecture is an Online Course Lesson for Chinese students and doctors to improve their Medical English knowledge. Learn about Chinese Medicine Diagnosis methods and terminology.

Please note: This lecture is taught in both English and Chinese language.

Duration: 72 minutes

Topics covered in this course:

  • The four diagnostic methods 四诊法
  • inspection 望诊
  • listening & smelling 闻诊
  • inquiry 问诊
  • pulse taking / palpation 切诊
  • the mind 精神
  • etiology 病因
  • the tongue 舌头
  • zang – fu organs 脏腑
  • the pulse 脉象

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Tim Vukan

Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU), founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is one of the few foreigners who has completed more than 13 years of Chinese medicine education directly in China! He is a certified Chinese medicine practitioner who has completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). He is now teaching Chinese medicine to Chinese and foreign students at ZCMU. On Wushan TCM you can join Online Courses about authentic, professional and personal Chinese medicine lectures from China.

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