The Jin three needle technique Part 1 + 2

Learn about the Jin three needle technique and get access to all 39 groups. This course covers all groups from the course the Jin three needle technique Part 1 + 2.

Tim Vukan · November 10, 2021

Learn about the Jin three needle technique and get access to all 39 groups. This online course bundle covers all groups from the course the Jin three needle technique Part 1 + 2.

This acupuncture treatment method has been founded by Professor Jin from 1979 (Guangzhou TCM University). His clinical experience and trials have been done to proof his theory. In Guangdong province, south China, this method still is very popular.

It is also called the three point technique. The concept is to use three needles to treat the disease. Sometimes this might not be enough, but as a basic method, the Jin three needle methods have shown good clinical results. For example in the treatment of acute pain (lumbar pain), sometimes one treatment can be enough.

All Groups covered in this course: (39 in total)

  • 1. Four Spirits Needles
  • 2. Intelligence Needles
  • 3. Brain Needles
  • 4. Tongue Needles
  • 5. Temporal Bone Needles
  • 6. Calm the Mind Needles
  • 7. Dizziness & Pain Needles
  • 8. Facial Muscles Needles
  • 9. Trigeminal Neuralgia Needles
  • 10. Facial Paralysis Needles
  • 11. Thyroid Needles
  • 12. Eyes Needles
  • 13. Nose Needles
  • 14. Ears Needles
  • 15. Hand & Arms Needles
  • 16. Foot Needles
  • 17. Hand Intelligence Needles
  • 18. Foot Intelligence Needles
  • 19. Shoulder Needles
  • 20. Knee Needles
  • 21. Lumbar Needles
  • 22. Neck Needles
  • 23. Upper Back Needles
  • 24. Ankle Needles
  • 25. Ischium Needles
  • 26. Wei Syndrom Needles
  • 27. Fat – Lipid Needles
  • 28. Stomach Needles
  • 29. Large Intestine Needles
  • 30. Gall Bladder Needles
  • 31. Urination Needles
  • 32. Yang Needles
  • 33. Yin Needles
  • 34. Obstruction Needles
  • 35. Collapse Needles
  • 36. Obesity Needles
  • 37. Epilepsy Needles
  • 38. Facial Beauty – Chloasma Needles
  • 39. Breast Needles

What you get:

This Online Course Bundle includes:

The Jin three needle technique Part 1: Duration of 55 minutes
The Jin three needle technique Part 2: Duration of 40 minutes

Certificate: After you finished watching each lesson click “Mark Complete”, once all lessons are completed you can download the Certificate. You can find a download link on the main page of your purchased course.


by Wushan TCM – Chinese Medical Network in China

Course Review:

This is a great course!
The acupuncture combinations covered here are spot on. Very high clinical value, easy to understand (still need to practice a bit to get them right), but once you do, those are great. Either as a stand alone system or in combination with typical clinical combinations like the system of the “Special points”, the 6 Stages acupuncture or other acupuncture systems like Master Tung Points, SAAM or similar systems. It is really worth the time to learn about the Jin three needle technique and start applying them as soon as possible in your clinical practice.

Johannes B. – from Germany

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