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tim vukan

Meet Tim Vukan - Your Online Instructor

Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU) is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 13 years of Chinese medicine education directly in China! He is a certified Chinese medicine practitioner who has been studying and practicing for more than ten years at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). He is now teaching Chinese medicine to Chinese and foreign students at ZCMU.

wushan tcm

Wushan TCM Chinese Medical Network

My work is to connect Chinese Medicine doctors from China with practitioners and students from the west and to offer professional Online Education in Chinese Medicine. - Tim from Wushan TCM

chinese medicine doctors from china

Chinese Teachers Online - Connect Hangzhou

Meet Chinese Doctors from China and attend Live Events on Wushan TCM. We are regularly inviting Chinese Teachers to present Live Courses and Meetings to connect you with authentic teachings from Hangzhou, China.