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Dr. Yu Zhu 余翥医生is a professional lecturer at the China Academic Center of Qian Chuan TCM, a cooperation partner of Wen An Chinese Medicine clinic in Hangzhou, China. He holds a master degree of Chinese medicine and is an attending physician. During his master’s degree, he studied with Professor Lin Shou Ning, a national expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating with his master’s degree, he learned from many other famous teachers and doctors of the Fu Yang Lineage. He is currently following the founder of the Classic Jing Fang School, Xu Jia Dong who is a national expert of the Jing Fang lineage. Dr. Yu Zhu attended the systematic study of the theory of the clinical application of Jing Fang prescriptions in its classical origins (without addition or subtraction of other herbs to a main formula as well as no combined usage of different formulas). Dr. Yu Zhu is an active teacher since many years and provides detailed guidance about the clinical application of Jing Fang formulas. He is also a clinical supervisor in several TCM clinics in Hangzhou, China.