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  • @gioia2201
    Hey Tina Doxtader! Welcome to Wushan TCM, I hope you enjoyed your Courses during your visits on Wushan TCM. Unfortunately at the moment subtitles are missing for the Videos, it will take some time to manage. If you have a moment to tell me about your experience about our lessons I would be really happy to hear from you. Have a nice day…[Read more]

    • Hi Tim, I enjoyed the look into the techniques directly from China. Subtitles would be great 🙂 I am dedicated to TCVM for horses, dogs and cats over here in Germany. Best regards from Tina

      • Hi Tina, thanks for your feedback. Sounds really interesting to work with Chinese medicine on horses, cats and dogs. Before I met another practitioner who was in the same field. She learned in Hangzhou and came to me to study a bit of Chinese language. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Kind regards
        Tim (I´m from Germany too,…[Read more]

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