Improving Self Awareness for a better understanding about Chinese Medicine




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Online Lecture: Improving Self Awareness for a better understanding about Chinese Medicine

This lecture is about the importance of why improving self-awareness is essential for students and patients to gain a better understanding about Chinese Medicine.

This topic contains two parts which are introduced in detail.

The first part is about my teaching experience and the introduction of related teaching methods applied for Chinese medical students in China. The focus in this part is on how we can better support students and keep them motivated, attentive, and interactive to improve their general understanding about Chinese Medicine.

The second part of this lecture is about applied methods for educating patients to improve their understanding about their Chinese Medicine treatment. This part covers the difficulties of patients in Germany and the need of a strategy-based concept to better communicate and explain the theories and diagnosis of Chinese medicine.

Both groups mentioned above (students & patients) share the same difficulties as well as interests when they start to learn about Chinese Medicine. Since Chinese Medicine is based on ancient complex terms and concepts, we first do have to gain more insight about ancient peoples thinking and their understanding of our body with its related diseases.

When we learn about Chinese medicine, it is very important to understand these perspectives of thinking to be able to understand the principles and functions of medical terms.

Self-Awareness is helping us to understand reactions on our body and how they effect on us. It helps us to understand our reactions for example to different pathogenic factors like heat, cold or dampness and shows us how our body reacts on it. It also improves our understanding about various emotions like pensiveness, grief or anxiety and gives us a clear understanding on how emotions affect our body. When we learn about these connections, it is very important to start at ourselves and to have a personal experience to be able to gain a deeper insight of the concepts of Chinese medicine. Self-Awareness helps us to deeper engage with the outside world and its phenomena and to see ourselves clearly through the reflection of our inner self.

That´s why education for students and patients in Chinese medicine needs to have a strong focus on how we can create personal experiences within the principles of Chinese medicine.

This talk will also introduce teaching methods on how we can improve our self-awareness by applying qi gong exercises, methods about the five tastes in Chinese nutrition therapy and a mindset to better understand the functions of our emotions.


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