Abdominal Acupuncture Part 2

Tim Vukan · October 27, 2021

Online Course – Abdominal Acupuncture Part 2.

Abdominal acupuncture is founded by Dr. Bo Zhi-Yun. Based on the Shen Que Channel System (SQCS) and conventional theories, it can treat many problems by regulating Zang-Fu organs and channels. The abdomen contains not only Zang-Fu organs but also channels, which serves as pathways for qi and blood distributing from inside out. Abdominal acupuncture system offers a holistic view and a treatment based on syndrome differentiation for your application in your Chinese Medicine clinic.

You will learn about:

  • Introduction about Bo’s abdominal acupuncture therapy (BAAT)
  • Background Information
  • Features
  • The measurement
  • Locating Points
  • The Basic Points
  • Basic points on the abdomen and their functions
  • Needling depth on three levels
  • Abdominal Map
  • Point Index
  • How to locate all points on the Abdominal Map
  • Methods & Applications
  • Point Combinations

Point combinations:

– Abdominal Four Gates
– Heaven – Earth Needles
– Leading Qi to the Source
– The Wind – Dampness point
– Regulating Spleen-Qi

Treatment plan of common disease:

  • Point Combination for upper respiratory infection (URI)
  • Point Combination for Cervical spondylosis
  • Point Combinations for Acute gastro-enteritis
  • Point Combinations for Shoulder peri-arthritis
  • Supplementary points

This Online Course includes:

Free Introduction Course

Online Course – 1 hours and 10 minutes

Bonus: Download our Abdominal Map

Certificate: After you finished watching each lesson click “Mark Complete”, once all lessons are completed you can download the Certificate. You can find a download link on the main page of your purchased course.

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CPD Approved:

70 minutes of CPD (Acupuncture NZ)
Certificate: by Wushan TCM – Chinese Medical Network in China

What our students say:

“Abdominal Acupuncture course 2 gives a more detailed follow up from the first course. Tim gives the indications for some simple points, basic rules of AA, depths of needle insertion and the actions and reasons for using different depths. Finally he gives useful combinations and treatment of some conditions. This is a useful, interesting, and above all, practical guide that can quickly and easily be transferred into the clinic and treatment of your patients. A good addition to your acupuncture toolbox. I look forward to learning more about this style.”
Fiona Jennings

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Correction of the title: 神龟疗法

Abdominal Acupuncture Part2

Correction of the location: 1 cun lateral to Hua Rou Men (ST24)

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