Dui Yao – Herbal medicine pairs

What will you learn? Learn about Chinese herbal medicine and receive 83 Dui Yao 对药 - Chinese herbal medicine pairs used in combination. The whole online course covers 55 E-book pages. Receive a collection of commonly used Dui Yao herbs, presented to you by Wushan TCM.

Tim Vukan · August 20, 2019

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What will you learn?
Learn about Chinese herbal medicine and Dui Yao 对药, herbal medicine pairs used in combination.

All categories used in this course: (total of 83 dui yao pairs)

Release exterior wind cold
Release exterior wind heat
Herbs that drain fire
Clear heat & dry dampness
Clear heat & relieve toxicity
Clearing heat & cool blood
Purgative herbs
Regulate water & drain dampness
Dissolve dampness
Regulate water & drain dampness
Removing dampness & eliminating jaundice
Warm the interior & expel cold
Regulate Qi
Transform food stagnation
Stop bleeding & cool blood
Transform stagnation & stop pain
Activating blood & stop pain
Activating blood & regulate menstruation
Invigorate blood and moving qi
Warm herbs transform phlegm cold
Cold herbs transform phlegm cold
Relieve coughing and wheezing
Calm the mind & nourish the heart
Smoothing and calming liver yang
Extinguish wind & stop tremors
Extinguish wind & stop tremors
Open the orifices
Herbs that tonify Qi
Herbs that tonify Yang
Herbs that tonify blood
Herbs that tonify Yin
Astringent, stabilizing, binding herbs

What you get:

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If you would like to extend your knowledge about Chinese Herbal Medicine, you can learn about the herbal names you find in this course and the correct pronunciation in Chinese, guided with an audio lecture by Tim Vukan. Simply click on Pronunciations of Chinese Medicinal Herbs to join this additional course. In this course you will learn about the Chinese herbal names in Chinese.

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by Wushan TCM – Chinese Medical Network in China

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Tim Vukan

Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine at (ZCMU), founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is one of the few foreigners who has completed more than 13 years of Chinese medicine education directly in China! He is a certified Chinese medicine practitioner who has completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). He is now teaching Chinese medicine to Chinese and foreign students at ZCMU. On Wushan TCM you can join Online Courses about authentic, professional and personal Chinese medicine lectures from China.

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