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About prevention before onset of disease

In this Online Course you will learn more about prevention methods in Chinese medicine. In total there are three stages when it comes to prevent from disease or illness: 1. prevention before disease onset 未病先防, 2. prevention from exacerbation of disease 既病防变 and 3. prevention of recurrence 瘥后防复.

In ancient China it is said that “a good doctor should first prevent and treat before the onset of disease, to keep our body in a healthy balance.”

Therefor it is important that Chinese medicine doctors can teach their patients how to actively prevent the occurrence of diseases before they ever appear. This concept includes the application of Qigong and Daoyin methods, Chinese herbal pastry and Chinese nutrition concepts.

Tim Vukan, Master of Chinese medicine and foreign teacher at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, lately joined a Chinese Medicine Show in Beijing, China which was just broadcasted on CCTV1. He prepared a medicinal grain porridge named Glehnia and Ophiopogonis porridge 沙参麦冬药膳粥 to better explain the importance of preventative nutrition concepts within Chinese medicine. Even Prof. Wang Qi 国医大师王琦院士, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and National TCM Master couldn’t help but applaud him!

Join this Free Online Course and learn more about Chinese medicine nutrition concepts.

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