Consulting a foreign patient in China

Consulting a foreign patient in China

Since China is more and more developing, there are also more and more foreigners coming to live in China. Now to learn more about the difficulties of foreigners who are living in China and often facing big barriers when they seek for a Chinese medical doctor, this lecture was arrranged by Tim Vukan who taught Chinese medical students at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University to improve and strengthen their English Communication Skills with a foreign patient.

This Video Documentation gives you some insight about my lectures at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China. Chinese bachelor students were trained to apply various methods on how best to consult foreign patients in a local Chinese hospital. It was a great project for Chinese students to get known to different Chinese medical terminology and dialogues which may be applied when consulting and observing a foreign patient in China.

Original Name in the Interview: 要做中西医的桥梁 杭州有个“洋中医”!Foreign Chinese Medicine doctor in Hangzhou is connecting the west with the east.

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