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Why do I like Chinese Medicine?

Why do I like Chinese Medicine?

Because it´s so flexible in the treatment and based on a very individual approach.

If you go to China to study Chinese medicine you will also have the chance to visit some of these magnificent ancient old pharmacies such like the Hu Qing Yu Tang. 

Once you entered these fascinating places you will be astonished on how good we can apply ancient concepts in the treatment of modern disease.

Usually these pharmacies are full of people. Some are just chatting with each other, others enjoy an herbal tea which you can get to have a try on Yang Sheng Tea (nourishing tea) 

In these places I also started to have my first medical conversations when I started my Chinese language studies in Hangzhou, China in 2005. This was the beginning of a more than 13 years journey into the fascinating world of Chinese medicine.

Some years later I started to work as local medial guide and arranged herbal tours in the Hu Qing Yu Tang and still up to today I am bringing interested people to this great place.

It´s the atmosphere what people enjoy and the collection of hundreds of medicinal herbs which are stored in wooden drawers. If you would like to get a treatment with Chinese medicine this would be the place to go the only tricky thing to manage is that it´s quite hard without knowing Chinese to get your consultation ticket, buy your herbs and to learn more about the backgrounds of herbal medicine.

This is why I founded Wushan TCM – Chinese Medical Network based in Hangzhou, China.

On my website you can get lots of insight about Chinese Medicine from Hangzhou, China and even join our Online Courses from wherever you are.

It´s so convenient and there’s lots of content waiting for you here.

If you are a beginner you can start to learn about the basics with this course:

If you are an advanced practitioner you can start learning more about you may be interested to learn more about my master tutor Dr. Cao Ling Yong and his approach to Shang Han Lun. There are also other advanced courses available, just take a look at

Enjoy your learning journey into Chinese Medicine from Hangzhou, China!

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