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TCM in Hangzhou, China

TCM in Hangzhou, China

For a general overview of the Situation of TCM in China, it is interesting to see how this medicine in China, is practised and is applied by locals. To make this step in a very different, but also highly fascinating culture, it is a mutual need to use empathy, to take a look at our different customs.

That is what Wushan TCM is taking care of and make it one´s business.

Deciding to step inside the intense way of studying the Chinese language, will provide a door to deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.
Are there discussions in the hospital with a TCM doctor, short visits to a variety of TCM pharmacies or the selection of Chinese literature in a specialist book trade,… It will give the access to Traditional Chinese Medicine in its full bandwidth.
Of course, there is also the possibility to study in the English Language, but there will still be certain kind of places, which might stayed closed for the interested person.

If we take a look back to the roots of the emergence of TCM, we find the classical book “Huang Di Nei Jing”, which includes the theoretical basis of TCM and already over 2000 years ago had been drafted.
This inner classical book, has been attributed to the Yellow Emperor and which up today, is still used as standard work in TCM.

Another traditional method in the past for the Transfer of TCM, was called the “oral passing”. Teachers taught their students in the individual and personal way. TCM has always been based on experiences and traditional values. Up from the roots it still holds the same ideas in itself, which are kept to this day.

For those who want to receive a Treatment exclusively with the methods of TCM, may have a look to do this, in one of the old TCM pharmacies.
These pharmacies have a very pleasant atmosphere. Most consist of a main hall, a herbal department and further connected clinics. Here the scent of herbs are in the air and offers already, while waiting for the doctor, a feeling of Vitality and Harmony. Many Pharmacies have a connected TCM herbal garden in their backyards, in which a variety of herbs were planted, and as a resting place, warmly offered to the visitors. The Treatments here are still with pure TCM methods. From the diagnosis and prescription of Chinese herbs to the acupuncture therapy or Tuina Massage, all ways of Treatments can be found.

In China it is a need to be empatients, as opposed to a German medical practice as an example, to accept that during the Treatment, many Chinese patients are waiting in the same room. This “mutual participation” is in the beginning a very unusual incident, especially for Western people, who might not be used to that custom. Especially if we are in unpleasant situations, it is often necessary to think about one´s own behaviour for getting access to a new culture.

The fascinating thing, to do TCM Research or Studies directly in China, is to develop a sense of seeing things in connection, which is in the TCM in that regard, as well an important value. Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and other ways of using Systems to explain deep connected happenings in our human body, are the Essence in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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