Live Talk at Zhen Bu Er

The health benefits of drinking hot water

Short sequence from a live webinar talk (in Chinese) at Zhen Bu Er 真不二 (Hangzhou, China)

In this live talk I am explaining the Chinese medicine backgrounds about why drinking warm/hot water is good for our body and helps us to keep a strong inner balance.

课程题目: 为什么喝冷水不养生,和德国中医专家聊聊中外养生。

转载: 真不二的二十四节气养生实验室 • 第二期

Tim 德国中医师和浙江中医药大学讲师给大家讲解喝热水的含义和作用和为什么喝冷水不养生。

语言: 中文


Live Talk at Zhen Bu Er
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